Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Black Hole
Sometimes there are strange things happen in the world. This composition will tell you a short story about man and the black hole.

Firstly , the man came late in his work then he wanted copy some paper , then he pressed the button 3 times and the machine are not working and suddenly the machine printed paper and in a center of the paper a black circle. Then he took these paper and put it near him. After that he drunk water and when he finished he put the cup in the black circle , the cup fallen down. He get amazed and he put his hand in the black circle or black hole and brought the cup. Afterward he took the paper and developed on the vending machine and put his hand in a center of the black hole and he took a chocolate. Then he saw the door of his manager and he put the black hole on the door and he put his hand and opened the door from inside , then he went near the safe and put the paper on the safe and then he put his hand in center of the black hole and he took a lot of money and he not full , then he put his head and all the body and suddenly he is stuck in the safe.

Finally , if we find anything strange , we don’t use in evil because you will hurt a lot of people , who have no guilt.

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